Peas are a source of protein, that’s right, that beneficial nutrient that helps to keep you strong not to mention keeps you full between meals.


Why not? Taking the Pea is about being healthier without taking healthy eating so seriously.


Peas are high in fibre, we all need a bit more fibre in our diets, to keep things moving (if you know what we mean).


Just in case you were wondering, they don’t really taste like the peas you find in your Sunday roast. They are crunchy and flavoursome..defo' worth a try!


Because snacking means you might not eat as much later on!


You won’t get bored. With 4 flavours to tickle your taste buds, variety is the spice of life, as they say.


They are premium packed in the UK, meaning you get a perfectly fresh pea as your between meal snack.


They're a portion controlled 155 calorie snack, because a ‘super size grab bag’ is not a bargain, it’s an needless temptation to eat more than necessary.


They are amusing! With a mind of their own our peas will keep you wildly entertained on Twitter; Follow us and see for yourself!


Please see points 1-9……that is all.

Taking the pea
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10 Reasons you’ll Love our Peas

There’s plenty of reasons you’re going to love our pea’s but here’s 10 to get you started.  Click on each character to read them.

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